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Frequently asked questions about collection delays
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Frequently asked questions about collection delays
Frequently asked questions about collection delays

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Waste collection is an essential service for residents, and we are mindful of the inconveniences caused by delays in that service. For that reason, Gatineau is always working with the contractor on finding solutions to limit delays and minimize the consequences for the service.

If you would like to be notified of collection delays in your sector, sign up for DTRITUS notifications through the mobile app or the Web version. To find out how to sign up, click here.

What causes collection delays?

Several factors may cause delays:

  • the general labour shortage in Quebec: many cities are facing the same issue in regard to waste collection;
  • the weather (mainly in the winter); and
  • seasonal factors that affect the volume of residual materials to be collected, such as spring cleaning and fall leaf collection.

It should be noted that most of delays are made up within 24 hours.

What is Gatineau doing to address the situation?

Gatineau is working with the contractor on finding solutions to limit delays and minimize the consequences for the service. To that end, the contractor has gone to great lengths, including bringing in additional crews from Montréal, using placement agencies and extending operations into the weekends.

In addition, as it does with all of its suppliers, Gatineau is closely monitoring the contractor to ensure that it fully complies with the service standards set out in the contract.

As well, Gatineau is always looking into the best practices and approaches used by other municipalities to optimize collection.

Given that the current contract ends in May 2024, Gatineau is drawing up the next call for tenders, which is expected to include changes to mitigate the consequences of the labour shortage being faced by collectors. However, it is important to highlight the fact that the labour shortage is Quebec-wide and that several cities, with different contractors, are facing the same issues with residual materials collection.

Can I help speed up the collections?

Yes! Here are some of the things you can do to facilitate and accelerate the collection operations:

  • only put bins out when they are full, in particular the brown bins, which are emptied every week;
  • in winter, clear the snow off your bins before setting them out on the street;
  • in spring and fall, spread your surplus and green residues out for collection over a couple of weeks;
  • instead of picking up your green residues and putting them out for collection, practice grasscycling and leafcycling, which involves mowing and leaving (lawn and dead leaf) residues on the ground to naturally fertilize the soil;
  • arrange bins and waste in an orderly and safe fashion;
  • follow the instructions for disposing of bulky waste during special collections; and
  • unlock the rodent protection latch when you put the bin out.

What should I do if my waste has not been collected?

Collections usually take place between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. If your containers are not emptied, you can place a request between 6 p.m. on collection day and 6 p.m. the following day. If your collection is on Fridays, you have until noon the following day to place your request online or with 311.

Requests help the contractor identify any oversights along the collection route. The contractor corrects oversights the following day before proceeding with its collection for that day.

In the event of longer delays, the contractor issues a status report to Gatineau at the end of the collection day. Gatineau then sends a notification directly to the concerned residents who are signed up for DTRITUS alerts. That information is also communicated to the 311 team. The notification informs residents of the delay and reminds them of the importance of leaving residual materials curbside for collection, usually the next day. At that point, a request can also be made to 311 online or through the citizen portal. By submitting that request, the resident is assured of regular updates on the situation.



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