Master Plan for the Development and Design of parc des Cèdres
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Master Plan for the Development and Design of parc des Cèdres
Master Plan for the Development and Design of parc des Cèdres

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Parc des Cèdres is a riverside urban park that is perfect for family get-togethers and activities.

In 2007, local residents and organizations were consulted about plans to develop the park in a coherent and harmonious manner in order to preserve the site for the entire population.

A master plan for the park's development and design was subsequently approved, along with the following recommendations::

  • maintain the site's main functions;
  • maximize year-round use of the site;
  • reorganize vehicle and pedestrian access;
  • maximize water-related activities; and
  • develop the heritage and cultural features of Symmes Inn.

You are invited to participate

Thursday, October 11th, 2018, at 18 h 30
Centre communautaire Ernest-Lattion
30,  Court St, Aylmer

Updated master plan for the development and design of parc des Cèdres

The master plan about which you are being consulted aims to update the orientations and concepts for the site's evolution and the following objectives:

  • Open up the park and make it more accessible
    • Develop a safe network linking neighbouring streets and the shoreline.
  • Restore the community's access to the shoreline area
    • Develop attractive and vibrant public areas near the shoreline to enhance the enjoyment of the site.
  • Enhance the experience of nature, and promote culture and art 
    • Highlight and enhance the site's greenery and tranquility.
    • Offer a pole providing key services for all users and contributing to regional tourism and school activities.
  • Promote year-round physical activity
    • Promote non-organized physical activity and water sports to maximize the number of residents using the park.