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Development of the strategic plan
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Development of the strategic plan
Development of the strategic plan

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Gatineau has set in motion the development of its next strategic plan. The exercise will equip Gatineau with a sustainable vision for the future and determine how to achieve it.

This strategic plan is an important tool for connecting municipal actions to the needs of residents and thereby converging everyone's efforts towards common objectives.


A steering committee consisting of Mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin, municipal councillors Renée Amyot, Maude Marquis-Bissonnette and Gilles Carpentier, and residents Sylvie Daigle and François de Bellefeuille, will oversee and guide the strategic planning process. A consultative committee consisting of departemental directors will also contribute to the process. Municipal executives will also be actively involved in the work. The municipal council will adopt the strategic plan.

Key steps

Development of the strategic plan began in the winter of 2019 and will wrap up in late 2020 with the adoption of the plan by the Municipal Council. It consists of two major phases.

Phase I: Diagnosis (completed)

An initial round of public consultation took place in the summer and fall of 2019. The consultations gave participants the opportunity to:

  • share their experience of living in Gatineau;
  • express their views about the challenges and opportunities ahead for Gatineau; and
  • guide the thinking about Gatineau's future.

The document entitled A Conversation About Gatineau's Future (in French only) was released in the summer of 2019. The document helped prompt the discussion by highlighting Gatineau's current situation and presenting the issues facing it.

Gatineau residents expressed their views through various consultation activities:

  • a consultation tour covering the different sectors;
  • providing comments by e-mail; and
  • a survey of 1,000 Gatineau residents .

In addition to the consultation tour and activities organized for municipal officials, a number of specific activities were organized for the following groups:

  • consultation activity with seniors' representatives (September);
  • consultation activity with members of the Commission jeunesse (September);
  • discussion table with representatives of organizations, institutions and businesses (October);
  • breakfast meeting with business representatives (November); and
  • consultation activity with people with disabilities (December).

We thank everyone for their participation in this initial phase of public consultations. Stay tuned to participate in the second phase of public consultation on the development of the strategic plan!

The reports and minutes on these public consultation activities under Phase I are available through the following links:

Phase II: Strategic choices

Phase II of the strategic planning exercise will involve the following:

  • a preliminary proposal for the strategic plan;
  • a second round of consultations;
  • the final strategic choices and strategic plan; and
  • adoption of the strategic plan.



About Gatineau

Recognized for its quality of life, Gatineau is a city of 285,000 inhabitants. It is located on the north shore of the Ottawa River, and extends east and west of the Gatineau River.

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