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Architecture competition - Construction of the new Place des Pionniers building, the future home of the Lucy-Faris library
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Architecture competition - Construction of the new Place des Pionniers building, the future home of the Lucy-Faris library
Architecture competition - Construction of the new Place des Pionniers building, the future home of the Lucy-Faris library

Nestled right in the heart of the Aylmer sector, the new Place des Pionniers building will offer Aylmer's 70,000 residents a lively, active and diversified environment. The building will house a two-storey library and the Aylmer service centre. The Lucy-Faris library will be a place for learning, personal development and cultural immersion. In addition, the new Place des Pionniers will accommodate municipal services and future expansion needs for the library.

Vision for the new Place des Pionniers and Lucy-Faris library

  • Combine the essential elements of a 21st century library in a modern infrastructure.
  • Offer quality services to meet the specific needs of different clients.
  • Provide a welcoming, friendly and open environment.
  • Replace an aging building by a state-of-the-art facility.
  • Help revitalize Aylmer's rue Principale.
  • Include the population in the process leading to the new building's design.

How can you take part?

Presentation of the architecture competition finalist project on May 17, 2021

On December 1, 2020, Gatineau launched an architecture competition for a LEED certified state-of-the-art building that would be a source of pride.

Through this evolutive and sustainable project, Gatineau hopes to provide a public infrastructure that is attuned to the residents and the environment. It aims to enlist the necessary creativity for a project focused on excellence in terms of style, function, durability, experience, and urban and architectural integration right in the heart of Old Aylmer.

BGLA Architecture + Design urbain | A4 Architecture + Design | Rouseau Lefebvre | CIMA +

IN SITU + DMA en collaboration avec CIVILITI et EXP

ATELIER BIG CITY + GRC Architets avec Pageau Morel Associés QDI et Vlan Paysages


Residents' committee – Architecture competition

Gatineau felt it was important to draw on residents' knowledge and expertise throughout the architecture competition, so it set up a residents' committee.

The committee's role is to:

  • meet with the finalists while they are developing their designs to discuss issues related to the project;
  • have access to all of the finalist project proposals to review them in advance of their presentation to the jury;
  • have the committee members review all of the finalist projects individually and as a working group; and
  • submit the results of its review in the form of points of interest and points of concern to the jury prior to its deliberations.

The finalists met with the members of the residents' committee and discussed the issues and characteristics of the latter's living environment. This helped inform the multi-disciplinary teams about the specific context of the project. This is a first in the history of architecture competitions in Quebec.

From April 29 to May 13, 2021, the members of the residents' committee will meet three times for approximately three hours each time to review and comment on the presentations of the four finalist teams (approximately two hours per finalist).

The committee members were selected by a draw followed by an interview. The committee members also include representatives of organizations and officials: Association des professionnels, industriels et commerçants d'Aylmer (APICA), Centre de services scolaires des Portages-de-l'Outaouais (CSSPO ), Arts visuels de Gatineau and one representative of persons with reduced mobility.

Additional stages of the project

Online workshop on May 6, 2020

The public was invited to express its vision of the future building's architecture, its integration into its surroundings, and the functions and ambience they expect from the new library. The feedback received was used to inform the professionals in their preparations of the architecture competition.

During the online workshop, participants:

  • heard a live presentation on the approach to the construction of the new Place des Pionniers building which is to house the Lucy-Faris library;
  • asked questions to clarify the content presented and receive instant feedback; and
  • indicated their expectations of the new Place des Pionniers.

Library users commitee

A residents' committee is being set up to help design the new library's spaces and to integrate a work of art.

Current photos of Place des Pionniers

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