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2023-2025 SPVG action plan on diversity
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2023-2025 SPVG action plan on diversity
2023-2025 SPVG action plan on diversity

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Serving the population in all its diversity!: The SPVG's action plan on diversity

With its 88 cultural communities* and its social and sexual diversity, Gatineau is an open and dynamic city. It is in the context of this rich diversity that the SPVG takes concrete action to cultivate and strengthen the trust of the communities it serves.

The three-year action plan entitled Serving the population in all its diversity! is the result of more than a year of exhaustive research, consultations and scientific readings, in conjunction with multiple partners at the regional and provincial levels. It illustrates our determination to implement best practices in ethnocultural, social and gender diversity, with an approach that is adapted to the reality of Gatineau and the communities we serve and protect.

* 2022 data.

Why an action plan on diversity?

With this plan, the SPVG reiterates its commitment to doing everything possible to remove barriers to equity, diversity and inclusion. This plan may be ambitious, but is fully in line with the SPVG's wish to maintain sustainable bonds of trust with the different communities living and active in Gatineau.

An action plan in several languages

To ensure greater accessibility, the action plan is available in French, English, Spanish, Arabic, Swahili and Anicinape. Simply click on the desired image below to access the action plan electronically.







A definition of diversity

In order to broaden the scope of its action plan and to make it more inclusive and representative of Gatineau's reality, the SPVG has considered all facets of diversity. In this context and taking into account government definitions, the SPVG adheres to a global approach of “diversity” which includes ethnocultural, social and sexual diversity. By considering diversity as a whole, the SPVG is responding to the recommendations and strategies set out in various government plans.

Furthermore, the SPVG adheres to the “principles of living together and inclusion, i.e. openness to the participation of people of all origins in the collective life of society, accepting their differences and respecting democratic values, in particular by removing obstacles to equal rights and conditions”1.

Intervention axes and objectives

Axis 1 – Ensuring the accountability of the action plan

  • Target 1 – Establish a governance structure to ensure the implementation of the action plan

Axis 2 – Understanding the nature of interactions between the SPVG and diversity

  • Target 2 – Collect reliable data on police work with diversity
  • Target 3 – Consult with diversity regarding their interactions with the SPVG

Axis 3 – Creating spaces of exchange with diversity

  • Target 4 – Contribute to diversity forums and committees
  • Target 5 – Maintain, increase and promote interactions with diversity

Axis 4 – Establishing clear organizational policies

  • Target 6 – Ensure that police practices reflect the organization's commitment to diversity
  • Target 7 – Provide clear expectations to staff regarding outreach to diversity
  • Target 8 – Strengthen the ethical culture through a comprehensive approach to inclusion and the fight against racism and discrimination within the organization

Axis 5 – Maintaining and developping staff skills

  • Target 9 – Develop skills related to knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills

Axis 6 – Enhancing our diversity service offering

  • Target 10 – Adapt our services to diversity
  • Target 11 – Disseminate the SPVG's diversity action plan and position

Axis 7 – Increasing diversity within the SPVG

  • Target 12 – Increase diversity representation within the SPVG's staff
  • Target 13 – Promoting the police profession to diverse youth

1 QUÉBEC. MINISTÈRE DE LA SANTÉ ET DES SERVICES SOCIAUX. Une passerelle vers un avenir en santé, [Fichier PDF], Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux, 2018, 31 p. []

About Gatineau

Recognized for its quality of life, Gatineau is a city of 292,000 inhabitants. It is located on the north shore of the Ottawa River, and extends east and west of the Gatineau River.

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