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Playing in my street
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Playing in my street
Playing in my street

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Playing in the street is now permitted in several residential areas in Gatineau!

This is a way to encourage youngsters to engage in physical activity by making playing and sports even more accessible. Make the most of this opportunity to have fun as a family!

Is it permitted to play in your street?

To find out, consult the interactive map or enter your address in the search engine below:

Playing is allowed in the streets in blue. If in doubt, click on the desired street for more information.

Code of conduct

Safety is everybody's business!

The current code of conduct is a synthesis of municipal by-law 300-37-2022 concerning traffic and parking within Gatineau city limits, which sets out the penalties payable by offenders. It applies to those playing in the street as well as to those driving through the streets.

Playing is only permitted in designated streets.

Playing in the street

When playing in the street, a person:

  • may only do so between 7 a.m. and 30 minutes after sunset, when there is adequate lighting and visibility: sunset is determined by the National Research Council Canada;
  • must share the road, not obstruct the bike path and remove any object from the path of vehicles during play interruptions and when done playing; and
  • must be prudent and vigilant.

Parents are at all times responsible for their children. A parent or guardian must be nearby and provide constant supervision when children under 14 years of age are playing in the street.

Playing in the street is prohibited:

  • during snow clearing, street cleaning, construction work, traffic detours and special events on or near the street;
  • when visibility is reduced or there is a risk to the safety of the players, for instance during bad weather (storm, fog, snowstorm, etc.) or close to a curve or a hill;
  • within 3 metres of a stationary or parked vehicle; and
  • within 30 metres of an intersection or a local business visible from the street.

In case of a violation of the municipal by-law:

  • players are subject to a $30 fine, plus administrative fees; and
  • in the case of a child under 14 years of age, the parent may be fined, regardless of whether the parent was there, as though that parent had committed the offence.


Players must be good neighbours and at all times remain respectful, including towards the property of other people (vehicles, property, equipment).


Anyone driving a vehicle on a street designated as a play street:

  • must be prudent, adapt their driving and reduce their speed;
  • must share the road and wait for all of the players and objects to be moved to the edge of the street; and
  • must only continue on their way once they have determined that it is safe to do so.

In case of a violation:

  • drivers are subject to a $120 fine, plus administrative fees; pursuant to the municipal by-law; and
  • drivers will be issued a ticket for speeding or any other action that could endanger the life or safety of anyone nearby pursuant to the Highway Safety Code.

Selection of designated play streets

In order to ensure everyone's safety, a preliminary selection was done of all Gatineau streets based on the following criteria:

  • side streets (no collectors, arteries or boulevards);
  • residential streets (no commercial or industrial zones);
  • streets with 40 km/h or lower speed limits;
  • streets that do not run alongside a major park (linear, neighbourhood, destination or conservation);
  • streets that do not run alongside a school or an institution (CPE, CLSC, library, hospital, etc.);
  • streets that are not part of a public transit circuit; and
  • streets with low potential for through-traffic. 

When visibility is adequate, dead-ends with 40 km/h or lower speed limits are generally considered suitable for playing in the street. 

The designated streets were then submitted for public review to identify any safety issues and solicit requests for the addition to or removal of streets from the list. Following that exercise, 255 requests from residents were reviewed. In the end, more than 1,650 streets were designated as play streets.

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