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Signs at intersections along the Rapibus corridor
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Signs at intersections along the Rapibus corridor
Signs at intersections along the Rapibus corridor

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Gatineau and the Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO) ask that the public, including drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, comply with the new traffic signs that are in effect at certain intersections along this corridor reserved for buses.

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This short video provides a clear and accurate summary of the rules to follow at the different intersections along the Rapibus corridor.

Road markings

The stop line – area 1

The stopping area lies in front of the stop line. This is where vehicles must stop. From the stop line, drivers have a clear view of the traffic lights on which they are supposed to focus, these being the ones located on either side of the stop line and over the road.

There are also sensors at the stop line that can prompt traffic lights to turn green when they detect a vehicle stopped at the stop line.

The crosshatched area – area 2

For the safety of drivers and users, white crosshatches on the pavement mark the area where stopping is prohibited. This area is located in the Rapibus corridor where the buses travel. Stopping a vehicle in this area is strictly prohibited.

Traffic lights with visors

At certain Rapibus intersections – area 3

A number of Rapibus intersections now have traffic lights with visors. These lights are located on the far side of the intersection. They are not intended for drivers who are stopped at the stop line, but rather for vehicles that have passed the first set of lights and the crosshatches. These lights lag behind the first ones, and are intended to clear cars from the Rapibus corridor.
The intersections in question are:

  • boulevard Maloney and montée Paiement
  • boulevard Maloney and boulevard de la Cité
  • boulevard Maloney and boulevard de l'Hôpital
  • boulevard Maloney and rue Bellehumeur
  • boulevard Maloney and rue de l'Alliance
  • boulevard Maloney and boulevard Gréber
  • boulevard de la Carrière and rue Atawe
  • boulevard de la Carrière and boulevard du Casino
  • rue Montcalm and the entrance to the La Fonderie building

These traffic lights are safety measures, and are located wherever two sets of traffic lights are very close to one another. The visors have been added to avoid confusion by ensuring that the second set of lights is not visible from the stop line.

Traffic signs

It is at all times prohibited to turn right on a red light at a Rapibus intersection.

A new traffic sign designed specifically for the Rapibus shows drivers the different traffic lanes.

In order to ensure that no driver, pedestrian or cyclist inadvertently stops in the reserved bus corridor, this sign is posted wherever the corridor crosses an intersection. It means “Warning! No entry”.


There are four golden rules that drivers must follow:

  • The stop line is not a gray area!
  • Never stop your vehicle on the crosshatches in the Rapibus corridor.
  • Never turn right on a red light.
  • Always observe the traffic signs.

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