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Dance studio
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Dance studio
Dance studio

Technical specifications

  • 259 m2 (23.3 x 9.1 m) (approximately 2787 ft2)
  • Maximum ceiling height: 6 m (20 in)
  • Spinning class area
  • Other equipment:
    • Free weights
    • Medicine balls
    • Mats
    • Stationary bikes
  • Maximum capacity: 35 people

Layout of the dance studio

Schedule and hours

Dance studio schedule and hours


Residents and organizations can rent the dance studio. The cost is based on the number of people and the equipment used.

About Gatineau

Recognized for its quality of life, Gatineau is a city of 291,000 inhabitants. It is located on the north shore of the Ottawa River, and extends east and west of the Gatineau River.

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