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Violent hit-and-run in Aylmer: the SPVG is searching for a suspect vehicle that may have deliberately rammed into the victim
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News release
Violent hit-and-run in Aylmer: the SPVG is searching for a suspect vehicle that may have deliberately rammed into the victim

Gatineau, July 21, 2020. – As part of the investigation into the violent hit-and-run on June 3, 2020 in Gatineau's Aylmer sector, the Service de police de la Ville de Gatineau is seeking the public's help, as well as that of mechanics, in identifying and locating the suspect vehicle. The victim, a 17-year-old male, suffered very serious head injuries.

Description of the suspect vehicle

The SPVG is looking for a 2005 gray Mercedes C230.
The vehicle would have suffered damage to the front.
- There may be white paint on the car's fender and on the driver's side front tire.
- The vehicle probably suffered significant damage to the hood.
The armrest between the drivers' and passenger's seats may be missing.
The damaged vehicle may be hidden or in storage. However, it is also possible that it has been repaired.
The SPVG is seeking the cooperation of all mechanics, motor vehicle repairers and dealers (including Mercedes dealers) and urges them to contact the investigators if they have made repairs to a vehicle that might fit the description.

The suspect vehicle is similar to this example

Example of the suspect vehicle

Quick facts

The incident on June 3 appears to have started with a verbal altercation between the occupants of two vehicles heading west along chemin d'Aylmer after rue Samuel de Champlain.
There were several occupants in the suspect vehicle, a gray Mercedes 230, whereas the victims were in a white Honda.
Following this verbal altercation, while the two vehicles were moving, the driver of the suspect vehicle would have deliberately collided with the victims' Honda.
Following this first collision, the victims drove to rue Honfleur to try to get away from the aggressive driver and put an end to the altercation.
Believing that they were safe, the victims got out of their Honda to assess the damage. While the driver was checking the condition of her car, her brother noticed that the suspect vehicles had located them and was speeding right at the driver.
The vehicle driven by the suspect accelerated over a distance of approximately 100 metres, deliberately targeting the driver.
The driver's brother then pushed her to keep her from getting hit. The young man was hit and thrown several metres off the road. He suffered serious injuries that, fortunately, were not life threatening. The impact was so strong that his shoes remained on the road.
The suspect vehicle would have then driven off without stopping to assist the victim.
The victim, a 17-year-old male has not yet fully recovered from his injuries.

Displacement and impact Map



Displacement and impact video


The SPVG is pursuing its investigation, and asks the witnesses who were in the suspect's car to come forward to police. The investigators have reason to believe that they may be afraid of the suspect. However, if they fail to cooperate, they could be charged with being accessories after the fact even though they were not driving during the hit-and-run.

Anyone with information about this incident or the suspect vehicle is urged to contact the SPVG info line at 819-243-INFO (4636), extension 5.

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