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Back to School 2020: the Primary Objective is Safety
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Back to School 2020: the Primary Objective is Safety

Gatineau, August 27, 2020. – As schools prepare to reopen, Service de police de la Ville de Gatineau (SPVG) police officers and parking enforcement officers want to remind everyone that the key to a successful and safe return to school is good driving habits and civility, as well as preparation.

Caution and vigilance may well be in order at all times, but are particularly called for during this frenzied period as thousands of young students pour back into the streets.

Caution around schools!

At this time of year, SPVG police and parking enforcement officers will be patrolling and particularly on the lookout for the following:
- compliance with speed limits in school zones;
- mandatory stops;
- school bus flashing lights;
- distracted drivers; and
- parking signs.
Laser speed measuring devices will be used in all school zones, as well as photo radars. Vigilance is critical!
Fines are now doubled for speeding in school zones during the school year.
School crossing guards will also be on hand at various intersections to further ensure the safety of children.
Preparation is the key to success!
SPVG police officers urge parents whose children are starting school this year to prepare in order to avoid any nasty surprises on the first days.
It is recommended that they visit the school area to determine where the parents can safely drop off their children if they drive them.
- It is important to ensure that they understand and follow the signs near the schools.
Be sure to get the right door: the main entrance is not necessarily the safest place to drop off children. Check the posted signs and look out for the other children around the school
Designated walking routes are the safest way to walk to school. Maps of those routes are available on the Gatineau Web site at
It is recommended that parents review the safety rules and walk the route with their children to familiarize them with it before school resumes.

Civility, a sign of respect

The SPVG also wants to remind parents of the importance of civility with the workers. Police officers, parking enforcement officers and school workers all deserve to be treated with respect as they carry out their duties.
- Anyone who commits a criminal offence against a police officer, a parking enforcement officer or any other worker is liable to charges.
- The SPVG has a zero-tolerance policy in regard to such behaviour.
The example that parents set for their children when it comes to civility towards workers is the one that they will be inclined to follow.

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