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Launch of the 2023-2025 SPVG action plan on diversity: Serving the population in all its diversity!
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Ville de Gatineau
News release
Launch of the 2023-2025 SPVG action plan on diversity: Serving the population in all its diversity!

Gatineau, February 24, 2023. – The Service de police de la Ville de Gatineau (SPVG) today is launching its three-year action plan on diversity entitled Serving the population in all its diversity! The SPVG chose to celebrate the launch of its action plan alongside local partners, organizations advancing diversity and elected officials.

Quick facts

This plan may be ambitious, but is fully in line with the SPVG's wish to maintain sustainable bonds of trust with the different communities living and active in Gatineau.
– The commitment and determination of the SPVG team to give a voice to the diversity communities attest to the tremendous openness to enriching practices and continuously improving service delivery.
This action plan took more than a year to develop, and is based on rigorous analysis, research and consultations.
Two advisory committees were set up to guide the SPVG through the best strategies for connecting with the communities.
– The first committee comprises representatives advancing diversity and representatives of different communities.
– The second committee comprises diversity youth.
These advisory committees enabled the SPVG to validate its approach and ideas, to adapt based on the feedback received, and to better identify the issues faced by the communities.
– In addition to simply being consulted, the committee members were stakeholders in the decision-making process for the action plan.
– To ensure the transparency of the approach, the SPVG made a commitment to report to the communities. Thus, the committee members will be able to follow the implementation of the action plan over the next three years and make recommendations.
In order to expand the scope of its action plan to make it inclusive and more representative of Gatineau's reality, the SPVG took into consideration every facet of diversity, including ethno-cultural, social and sexual diversity.
– In so doing, the SPVG reiterates its commitment to promote, through every possible means, the dismantling of barriers to equity, diversity and inclusion.
This action plan contains 7 intervention axes, 13 separate objectives and 32 targeted measures.
In order to make its action plan as accessible as possible, the SPVG had it translated into different languages spoken in Gatineau: English, Arabic, Swahili, Spanish and Anicinape (the Algonquin language).
– The translated versions of the action plan will soon be available online at
– Paper copies will also soon be available for consultation in Gatineau libraries.

Quote from SPVG police chief Luc Beaudoin

“We are proud to present to Gatineau residents our new 2023-2025 action plan entitled Serving the population in all its diversity!. Thanks to the rigorous approach we followed, not to mention the commitment of partners and community representatives who were actively involved in the work, we are confident that implementing this plan will enable us to shape tomorrow's Service de police de la Ville de Gatineau to further enhance the way it meets the population's expectations. By taking into consideration every facet of diversity to include ethno-cultural, social and sexual diversity, we acknowledge the differences that enrich Gatineau and recognize that the needs and issues of each community are different, even as we seek to identify the similarities that will bring us, and our partners, together to achieve shared objectives.”

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2023-2025 SPVG action plan on diversity (Web page – in French)

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2023-2025 action plan: Serving the population in all its diversity!

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Reconnue pour sa qualité de vie, Gatineau est une ville de 292 000 habitants. Elle est située sur la rive nord de la rivière des Outaouais, et s'étend à l'est et à l'ouest de la rivière Gatineau.

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