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Incidents Reported Following Halloween
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Ville de Gatineau
News release
Incidents Reported Following Halloween

Gatineau, November 3, 2022. – The Service de police de la Ville de Gatineau (SPVG) has received reports of two incidents related to treats collected on Halloween within its territory. This is a reminder of certain precautions to take before letting children enjoy the fruits of their efforts.

Quick facts

Yesterday, at approximately 9:30 p.m., the SPVG received a report concerning metal found in treats.
– Police have not yet had the opportunity to meet with the person who reported the incident. Once they do, they will be able to begin their investigation.
This morning, the SPVG was alerted that a child was intoxicated, possibly due to consuming treats collected on Halloween.
– In view of the information received, the police have started investigating this incident.
Police are currently compiling the information.
Both of the events reported to date occurred in the Gatineau sector, but the SPVG encourages everyone to be vigilant.

Safety tips

It is important to thoroughly check all the treats collected by children.
When doing so, throw out any treats that:
– are in broken or damaged packaging;
– do not come in sealed commercial packaging (e.g. in a Ziploc-type bag); or
– bear an unusual label, such as “THC, medicated, cannabis infused, etc.” or a logo of a cannabis leaf.
Any mention of cannabis on packaging may be very subtle and difficult to detect
It is important to know that treats containing cannabis come in packaging very similar to kids' favourite treats. Thus, they may be difficult for them to tell apart without an adult's assistance.
As an additional precaution, it is best to check the inside of treats such as chocolate bars and gum before letting children have them.
When in doubt, the SPVG recommends throwing out any suspicious-looking treats.

The SPVG invites anyone wishing to report a similar event to call 819-246-0222, not 911, which is strictly for emergency situations. Anyone with information concerning these events can call the SPVG info-line at 819-243-4636, option 5.

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