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Speed is for the track, not the street. Speeding awareness campaign for young drivers
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Ville de Gatineau
News release
Speed is for the track, not the street. Speeding awareness campaign for young drivers

Gatineau, August 12, 2020. – The Service de police de la Ville de Gatineau (SPVG), in partnership with Marie-Soleil Labelle, the youngest rookie driver in the history Canada's Coupe Nissan Micra Cup series, and a tremendous role model for young drivers, along with Auto Sports Québec, have a dynamic prevention message for young people about speeding in urban areas.

At a glance:

In Quebec, too many people are still killed or injured on the road every year as a result of collisions involving automobiles
Road safety remains a priority for Gatineau municipal officials and police.
Since 2015, SPVG has been using an integrated approach to road safety, which serves as a guideline for making the streets as safe as possible.
- SPVG is taking the lead on road safety, addressing residents about, among other things, prevention, awareness, education and communication.
The purpose and goals of this partnership are based on a long-standing concern on the part of Gatineau residents about road safety.
In 2019, young drivers between 16 and 25 years of age were involved in 642 collisions, including 2 fatal collisions and 6 with serious injuries. In total, 2,948 collisions were reported throughout Gatineau.
Speed remains one of the main causes of collisions in Gatineau. Thus, young drivers under 25 have been targeted as being at greater risk of being involved in an accident.
The awareness campaign features a hard-hitting video that is guaranteed to catch the attention of not only young drivers, but also those over 25.

Quote by Officer Renée-Anne St-Amant

“Road safety is a priority for the SPVG. We want to make young people aware of the risks associated with driving, and to reduce the number of accidents involving 16 to 25-year-olds, and reduce the road statistics. It is important for the SPVG that it pass on the message in a dynamic and hard-hitting way, and collaboration with our partners is an important part of achieving this campaign's objective.”

Who is Marie-Soleil Labelle?

Marie-Soleil is a 16-year-old Gatineau student, who became the youngest rookie driver in the history of the Canadian Coupe Nissan Micra Cup racing series. She is already the ambassador for the Children's Wish Foundation in Quebec and races for the Gilles Villeneuve museum team. She is also a partner and spokesperson for Auto sport Québec on the road safety side, on the track and on the street.

“As the youngest rookie driver in the history of Canada's Coupe Nissan Micra Cup series at 16, I wanted to take advantage of the fact that I am a spokesperson for Auto-Sport Québec, as well as a resident of Gatineau, to work with the SPVG in sending a clear message to young people of my age. There are several motorsport complexes in Quebec for those who, like me, love thrills, racing and speed, and I hope to save lives by reminding everyone that the streets are not race tracks.”

What is Auto Sport Québec?

For nearly 50 years, Auto Sport Québec (Fédération Auto-Québec) has been the organization responsible for sanctioning and promoting motorized sport in Quebec. ASQ is an official delegate representing the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) in Quebec and is mandated by the Direction de la sécurité dans le loisir et le sport du Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur (MEES), and the organization promotes the safe practice of motorsport in the province.

"As soon as the initial project to produce a safe driving awareness video was submitted, we did not hesitate to join in," said Gilles Villeneuve, president of Auto Sport Québec. "Allowing everyone to practice a motorsport discipline in the right framework is Auto Sport Québec's primary mission. The message, while being presented by the young driver Marie-Soleil Labelle, spokesperson for our organization, is to all road users. Everyone needs to understand that speed never has a place on public roads. » added Mr. Villeneuve.

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