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Gatineau adopts a Strategy for a Cultural Change in Urban Planning
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Gatineau adopts a Strategy for a Cultural Change in Urban Planning
Gatineau adopts a Strategy for a Cultural Change in Urban Planning

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Ce communiqué a été publié le 28 octobre 2014. L'information dans ce communiqué pourrait ne plus être à jour et certains liens pourraient ne plus être fonctionnels.
Gatineau, October 28, 2014. – At today's meeting of the committee of the whole, Gatineau Municipal Council adopted a strategy for a cultural change in urban planning for the 2014-2016 period.

"I am certain that this strategy will help change the way we do things to bring them more in line with the new orientations we have adopted. This will enable us to do what we do even better, mainly in regard to our relations with residents and businesses, but also with the Council's committees," indicated Gatineau Mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin.

The purpose of this strategy is to ensure that Gatineau becomes known as a leader and a role model in urban planning in Quebec.

"Gatineau already stands out in terms of its innovative approaches to long-term planning and to the way it applies new urban planning methods, as illustrated by the regulatory framework adopted for the Windmill Development Group's Les Îles project. The approach we chose for designing our new land use and sustainable development plan is one example. As well, the ministère des Affaires municipales et de l'Occupation du territoire du Québec lists a number of urban planning initiatives as models of good practices. This strategy will enable us to go even further," indicated Municipal Councillor and Chair of the Comité consultatif d'urbanisme Richard M. Bégin.

The 2014-2016 Strategy for a Cultural Change in Urban Planning

The strategy for a change of culture in urban planning for 2014-2016 aims to:
• implement a client-based approach;
• show greater transparency;
• promote relations that are marked by mutual respect; and
• ensure more effective service delivery.

In addition, this strategy will be phased in over five periods:
• the first 100 days: restore confidence;
• the first quarter: improve performance in terms of land use control and information dissemination;
• the second quarter: review the discretionary regulatory tools and partnerships;
• the third quarter: introduce an accountability system and a process of continuous improvement; and
• the last 100 days: finalize the actions taken.

It should be remembered that on October 8, Gatineau released the results of the administrative investigation report on the matter of 79 chemin Fraser. This investigation was requested by Gatineau's General Management in order to review the different stages involved in issuing the permit, as well as subsequent steps, in order to clarify the circumstances surrounding the matter.

The recommendations included in the administrative investigation report on 79 chemin Fraser will be put to good use in this strategy in order to bring about a true cultural change. Some of the recommendations are already being implemented.

For additional information about the 2014-2016 Strategy for a Cultural Change in Urban Planning, visit

À propos de Gatineau

Reconnue pour sa qualité de vie, Gatineau est une ville de 290 000 habitants. Elle est située sur la rive nord de la rivière des Outaouais, et s'étend à l'est et à l'ouest de la rivière Gatineau.

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