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A first series of changes will be made to waste collection as of July 15, 2018
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News release
A first series of changes will be made to waste collection as of July 15, 2018

Gatineau, March 13, 2018. – The municipal council approved the first series of changes to the municipal collection service planned as part of the waste management plan. Pursuant to the requirements of the provincial government, Gatineau must reduce its refuse. The 2016-2020 waste management plan aims to reduce waste by 45% by 2020. This announcement is conditional to the approval of the municipal council tonight at 7 p.m.

Quick facts

Gatineau residents are already ahead of other large cities in the province. With a residential waste elimination rate of 214 kg/resident in 2016, Gatineau is ranked in second place among Quebec's large cities.
Despite this performance, we must further reduce our waste to reach the provincial target. There has not been a significant decrease in the amount of garbage produced since the implementation of compostable material pick-up in 2010.
The participation rate of residents is stagnating. Every year, 17,000 tons of compostable materials are found in domestic waste.
Changes to be implemented as of July 15, 2018:
-Compostable materials will be prohibited in domestic waste.
-Bulky refuse and construction residues will also be prohibited in domestic waste. These materials will no longer be picked up as part of garbage collection.
-Domestic waste bins will be emptied half as often in apartment buildings. This means that bins will be emptied every other week. (Pick-ups are already carried out biweekly at homes with curb-side service.)
-The volume of the domestic waste bin will be limited to 120 litres per curbside pick-up. The City is considering implementing a fare-based incentive system for residents with an excess of domestic waste. Service de l'environnement must propose a deployment plan including a pilot project to ensure a smooth transition.
-The by-law regarding waste management will soon be amended. It will specify the effective date of the changes made to the collection service.
New services will be implemented in 2018:
-An organization will be picking up bulky items (furniture, appliances, sporting goods, etc.) upon request at homes year-round. This reusable or recyclable bulky items donation service should be implemented sometime in 2018.
-Two new special pick-ups will begin in October 2018. Each will take place four times a year, curbside only:
1) A pick-up for “garbage” bulky items (mattresses, couches, plastic or damaged furniture, carpets, etc.);
2) A pick-up for construction, renovation and demolition waste (wood, wood pallets, gypsum, etc.).
-Support will be provided to apartment building owners, in order to promote occupant participation in compostable and recyclable material pick-ups. Visits are planned this spring to help them assess their needs: number and volume of bins or containers, location, etc. Awareness tools will also be provided as part of this support.

Derichebourg is the firm that has been picking up waste in Gatineau since June 1, 2017. The pick-up contract is taking into account the changes planned in the waste management plan.
Residential waste collection currently costs $129.56 per home, per year, one of the best cost in Quebec for this service.
The City will be launching an awareness campaign for all residents to inform them of the upcoming changes.
The 2016-2020 waste management plan is available at


“The municipal council is going forward with the first set of changes proposed in the waste management plan approved in 2016. Provincially, Gatineau is well positioned in terms of waste reduction. However, to reach our 45% reduction goal, we must do more, and the participation of all Gatineau residents will be essential,” explained municipal councillor and chair of Commission sur le développement du territoire, l'habitation et l'environnement, Mrs. Maude Marquis-Bissonnette.


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