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Spring flooding – may 4, 2017 update
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Ville de Gatineau
News release
Spring flooding – may 4, 2017 update

Gatineau, May 4, 2017. – Ville de Gatineau is continuing to monitor the situation and to take actions on the ground due to flooding. The water levels have remained relatively stable during the night.

Status report

The status on the streets closed or affected by flooding may change quickly depending on how the flooding situation unfolds.
- A new map of the streets affected by flooding is on line, on the spring flooding webpage. It is updated in real time and now allows a search by address.
- The new map highlights closed streets and streets open to local traffic only, as well as streets under surveillance and sandbag distribution sites.
Main changes in terms of traffic since the end of the day yesterday:
- Carmen Street is now completely closed to traffic
- Du Quai Street is now restricted to local traffic only from Route 148
- Campeau Street is now open to local traffic

Rush hour traffic this morning

Patrol officers from Service de police are being deployed to manage traffic.
Drivers are asked to follow the temporary signage put in place and to avoid the affected zones whenever possible.
In a flooding situation, the city closes streets when too much water has accumulated on the roads, posing a hazard for residents:
- Debris, electric wires or anything else found on the pavement, under water
- Ditches full of water and no longer visible
- Deteriorated pavement
- Increasingly difficult vehicular traffic
- The weight of vehicles making the pavement unstable
As a reminder, the Masson-Cumberland ferry has ceased its operations until further notice.

Sewer backups

Wastewater systems are full of flood waters.
No backup has been reported for the time being.
Residents may take actions to reduce the risks of sewer backup by reducing their production of waste water, for example.
It is recommended to:
- delay large water consumptions, such as laundry and dishwasher use;
- avoid letting water run unnecessarily;
- take a quick shower instead of a bath;
- flush toilets sparingly.

Statistics and highlights

Sandbag distribution sites remain in high demand.
- More than 12,000 bags were distributed since 4 p.m. yesterday.
- More than 57,000 sandbags distributed since May 1
- More than 132,000 sandbags distributed since April 18
- More than 7,000 empty bags are ready to be filled.
- 100,000 bags have been ordered and are expected by Friday.


More than 17,105 visits to the flooding webpage since May 1
- Including more than 2400 visits between 5:30 p.m. and 11:59 p.m. on May 3 only
- Average time spent on the page: 2 minutes 6 seconds
- 630 people registered to text alerts

Homes and flood victims

- 223 persons evacuated on a voluntary basis
- 130 homes evacuated
- 122 persons looked after by the Red Cross
- 126 homes with gas shut off
- 5 homes with power shut off
- 467 homes visited by firefighters since May 1
- 24 pets evacuated: (dogs, cats, hamster, ferret and bird).

Weather forecast and water levels

Environment and Climate Change Canada is forecasting a reprieve in rainfall until Thursday night. Another low is expected Thursday night, and more than 50 mm of rain is expected in Gatineau by Sunday.
As a reminder, the levels have surpassed the 20-year flooding recurrence rating.
- This rating is used to delineate flood land. It marks the flooding limits of land with a 1 over 20 risk (a 5% chance) of occurring every year.

Statistics for this news release were last updated at 4:30 a.m. on Thursday, May 4, 2017. These are the latest statistics available.

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Flooding webpage

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