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Parc des Cèdres: Gatineau urges the public to maintain physical distancing
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Parc des Cèdres: Gatineau urges the public to maintain physical distancing

Gatineau, June 18, 2020. – Gatineau would like to thank everyone who has shown solidarity and maintained physical distancing at parc des Cèdres. Nonetheless, with the warmer weather, more and more people are converging on this popular recreational spot, often failing to maintain proper distancing. Gatineau staff had to intervene close to 1,000 times in the park to remind people of the measures. As a result, an intervention plan has been developed to promote physical distancing in parc des Cèdres and guide visitors in that regard.

At a glance

Several communication tools will be introduced to help visitors to parc des Cèdres maintain proper physical distancing:
- signs have already been posted at the park's entrances to remind visitors of the importance of following proper distancing and hygiene practices;
- ground markings on the shared bike path will remind people to keep their distance when they pass others;
- Gatineau is borrowing some of the innovative ideas used in major metropolitan centres such as New York City, and will draw circles on the grass to promote distancing: families and small groups will be able to gather within those circles to enjoy each other's company while maintaining a safe distance from other users of the park;
- visitors to the park will receive buttons encouraging them to serve as ambassadors of proper physical distancing; and
- park monitors will wear a vest designed to remind visitors of the importance of physical distancing.
These actions come in addition to the other initiatives introduced by Gatineau to enable the public to safely enjoy parc des Cèdres:
- in April, some 30 posters promoting physical distancing were installed along the bike path through the park;
- municipal staff increased their daily monitoring of parks; and
- SPVG officers stepped up their patrols.
As you know, Gatineau feels strongly about keeping its parks clean, and thanks residents who carefully dispose of their trash. Municipal crews have been emptying and cleaning trash cans in the parks more frequently.

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