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Voluntary and preventive evacuation due to flooding
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Ce communiqué a été publié le 2 mai 2017. L'information dans ce communiqué pourrait ne plus être à jour et certains liens pourraient ne plus être fonctionnels.

Ville de Gatineau
News release
Voluntary and preventive evacuation due to flooding

Gatineau, May 2, 2017. – Ville de Gatineau is currently conducting voluntary and preventive evacuations in three areas affected by flooding. Remember that at this point, evacuation is on a voluntary basis for residents, since there is no imminent threat to people's safety.

Voluntary and preventive evacuation

Three areas will be affected by voluntary and preventive evacuations:
- Hurtubise Boulevard East from Campeau Street (83 homes)
- Jacques-Cartier Street, between Saint-Louis and Montgolfières streets (42 homes)
- Blais, Saint-Louis and René streets area (107 homes)
- Saint-Louis Street, between Blais and René streets
- Adélard Street
- Oscar Street
- René Street
- Corriveau Street
- Blais Street
- Ernest-Charron Street
- Saint-François-Xavier Street between Blais and René streets
Residents of the affected streets can no longer use their vehicles.
Firefighters use trucks and/or boats to alert residents at every home. They inform them and offer to have them evacuate as a precaution and on a voluntary basis.
According to the forecast, water levels will continue to rise until Thursday. Therefore, evacuation could last a few days.

Centre for flood victims

Gatineau opened a service centre for flood victims at the Jean-René-Monette community centre (89 Jean-René-Monette Street).
Residents of the affected addresses who expressed the need to be relocated must identify themselves at the centre.
At the centre for flood victims:
- Municipal employees will be welcoming residents to take their contact information and the location where they can be reached in the next few days.
- The Red Cross is ready to cooperate and take action as required.
- The Red Cross will be addressing the basic needs of flood victims (housing, food, clothing and moral support).
STO shuttles will be at the disposal of affected residents to drive them to the centre.

Care of flood victims

Gatineau has a partnership agreement with the Red Cross for the care of flood victims.
The Red Cross is cooperating and is willing to take action as required:
- It will address the basic needs of flood victims (housing, food, clothing, living expenses and moral support).
- This care is provided for the first 72 hours. As required, the situation will be reassessed when appropriate.
STO will be providing transportation for flood victims between the centre for flood victims and the designated housing location. Gatineau is communicating with its partner.
CISSSO is cooperating with Gatineau and is ready to provide psychosocial support to flood victims.
Regarding pets:
- Whenever possible, it is requested that pets be relocated to the homes of the family or friends of flood victims.
- If that is not possible, Gatineau will be assisting residents with the care of their pets thanks to a partnership with SPCA de l'Outaouais

Current status

Ville de Gatineau is closely monitoring the rise in the level of water.
Gatineau is deploying its teams and taking all the means necessary to ensure the safety of residents, including the following:
- The emergency measures coordination centre and the emergency operations centre are open 24/7.
- Firefighters visited homes on the 44 streets at risk last night to alert residents of the measures to take.
- Blue collar workers prepared and delivered 12,000 sandbags to 11 sites.
- Blue collar workers rockfilled Hurtubise Street West (completed last night) and Fer-à-Cheval (to be completed this morning).
- Blue collar workers are installing barricades and signage in locations where the streets are affected by flooding (closed or limited to local traffic).
- Police officers are patrolling the roads that are closed to traffic and are closely watching the risk areas.
- The departments are cooperating with various partners, such as: CISSSO, Paramédic de l'Outaouais, Red Cross, STO, Hydro-Québec, Gazifère, etc.
- Service des communications is updating information in real time on the website and taking all other necessary means to communicate depending on the situation (social media, text messages, etc.)
- CANU is informing residents and inviting them to register for text alerts, and is relaying their inquiries to the departments for a follow-up.


Affected residents can dial 311 anytime to get help to leave or evacuate their residence. In case of an emergency, they must dial 911.
Residents should visit the municipal website to find out about the latest updates. The site is updated frequently, as soon as new information is available.
Residents should register for text alerts to receive important updates on the ongoing situation.

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