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April 23, 2017 status report on the recovery following the spring flooding
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Ville de Gatineau
News release
April 23, 2017 status report on the recovery following the spring flooding

Gatineau, April 23, 2017. – Gatineau is implementing its recovery plan following the exceptional spring flooding. The situation is improving, with water levels gradually dropping in all of the affected sectors.

Status report

The water level is gradually decreasing.
All displaced residents can return to their homes.
Roads and infrastructures are being systematically inspected to assess their condition and ensure the safety of residents.
The restoration plan includes street cleaning and repairs to the damaged infrastructures.
Many of the affected streets are now open to local traffic.
Part of rue Jacques-Cartier, between Prince-Albert and Saint-Louis, is closed to traffic.
Rue Saint-Louis, between Moreau and highway 50, is closed to traffic.
Rue René, between Saint-Louis and Saint-François-Xavier, is closed to traffic.
For information on which roads are closed and open, check the municipal Web site.
Garbage collection in the flooded areas where streets are open to local traffic will return to normal by Monday, April 24.
The collection of residual materials may be affected on Saint-Louis, Adélard, Oscar, Saint-René, Saint-François-Xavier and Blais.
In the event that the collection operations are interrupted, residents will be notified when they resume.
Gatineau will be organizing a special collection for the sandbags. Watch the municipal Web site for information.
Cyclists must continue to avoid using the flooded pathways and bike paths.

Tips to residents after flooding

After a flood, residents should take certain precautions. Among other things, they should consult an electrician, a heating specialist or a qualified gas technician. Residents should check the Web site for additional information.
Owners of artesian wells must take special precautions during floods to maintain the quality of their water. All of the necessary information is on the Web site.
Gatineau will organize a special collection of the sandbags. Until then, residents are asked to keep the bags on their properties. The sand should not be reused because it may have been contaminated by the floodwaters.
Check the Guide for Residents on the municipal Web site to find out what you should do after a disaster.

Information session on financial assistance from the government for people and businesses affected by the flooding

An information session on the financial assistance offered is being organized by Quebec's ministère de la Sécurité publique for 7 p.m. on Monday, April 24 at the centre sportif de Gatineau.
The Web site is kept up to date, and is the best source of information for residents.

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