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Precisions about pay for police officers in preventive isolation during the pandemic
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Precisions about pay for police officers in preventive isolation during the pandemic

Gatineau, April 22, 2020. – Gatineau would like to clarify certain points about the pay received by Service de police de la Ville de Gatineau (SPVG) officers in preventive isolation during this confinement period. Every police officer who has to self-isolate for preventive reasons is paid. There are no cases of police officers in preventive isolation who have not been paid.

Quick facts

Most of the SPVG officers who are in preventive isolation are receiving 100% of their pay. These officers are the following:
- officers who may have been contaminated further to a work-related intervention;
- officers with a spouse or family member awaiting the results of a COVID-19 screening test;
- officers who may have been in contact with a person who tested positive for COVID 19; and
- officers returning from abroad or whose spouse or family member living under the same roof is returning from abroad.
In addition, any police officer who tests positive for COVID-19 receives 100% of their pay if the contamination is work-related.
It is important to distinguish between a police officer with a pre-existing medical condition and one who is in isolation further to contact with an infected person in the course of his or her duties.
Some police officers are in preventive isolation due to a pre-existing medical condition to the pandemic.
- These officers receive 85% of their pay through group insurance plans after a three-day waiting period.
- That three-day waiting period is 100% covered by their sick leave credits.
- These measures as consistent with the collective agreement.
Police officers in preventive isolation whose work involves tasks that can be done from home can telework if their health allows. They receive 100% of their pay.
Police officers are providing an extremely important service during this health emergency. Gatineau is fully committed to their health and safety in the workplace.
The municipal administration has been in constant communication with the unions since the start of the pandemic. These exchanges provide the opportunity to discuss different issues related to the situation, to answer questions and to find joint solutions.
It should be noted that Gatineau has set in place the necessary measures to protect all of its employees. Every decision in that regard is made as a function of the instructions received from the provincial and public health authorities.

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