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Spring flooding: May 3, 2017 update
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Ce communiqué a été publié le 3 mai 2017. L'information dans ce communiqué pourrait ne plus être à jour et certains liens pourraient ne plus être fonctionnels.

Ville de Gatineau
News release
Spring flooding: May 3, 2017 update

Gatineau, May 3, 2017. – Ville de Gatineau is continuing to monitor the situation and to take actions on the ground due to flooding. The status on the streets closed or affected by flooding may change quickly depending on how the flooding situation unfolds. Gatineau would therefore like to remind residents to abide by the signage in place. Please refrain from driving through the flooded areas unnecessarily, both:
• out of respect for flood victims;
• as a safety measure, since any barrier, pothole or other may be under water and present a risk.

Voluntary and preventive evacuations

Voluntary and preventive evacuations in the three affected areas are still ongoing.
Firefighters continue to visit residents of every home on the affected streets in trucks or boats.
o They are helping residents who wish to evacuate their homes.
o Firefighters have carried out close to 500 visits since May 1.
Since Tuesday (May 2), 145 persons have evacuated their homes on a voluntary basis. This brings the total of evacuated homes to 82.
Since Tuesday (May 2), more than 80 persons have been looked after by the Red Cross at one of the two service centres for flood victims.
Remember that at this point, evacuation is on a voluntary basis for residents, since there is no imminent threat to people's safety.
According to the forecast, the water levels will continue to rise until Thursday. Therefore, evacuation efforts could last a few days.

Care of flood victims

STO shuttles are at the disposal of residents of two affected areas to take them to the Jean-René-Monette community centre.
o The shuttles are operational from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. for the drive back home.
o The situation will be reassessed later.
o The schedule may be changed and even improved as required, depending on how the situation unfolds.

Gatineau is making parking spaces available for affected residents.

Sandbag distribution

Since May 1, close to 45,000 sandbags have been distributed at the designated sites.
Since April 18, more than 120,000 sandbags have been distributed.
More than 28,000 empty bags are ready to be filled.
The sites designated for sandbag distribution are regularly changed depending on how the situation unfolds. Residents are asked to visit to learn about the latest updates
Reminder: Please do not take more than the amount of sandbags you need.


Statistics for this news release were last updated at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday May 3, 2017. These are the latest statistics available.

Webpage on flooding


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