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Modernizing the water treatment plant in the Hull sector: asking all résidents to cooperate
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News release
Modernizing the water treatment plant in the Hull sector: asking all résidents to cooperate

Gatineau, August 30, 2017. – The Hull water treatment plant is undergoing open heart surgery! The water treatment systems will not be shut down while the work is underway. This involves a sizeable logistical challenge, requiring that every step be perfectly coordinated.

We are asking residents in the Aylmer and Hull sectors for their cooperation. From September 1 to December 31, 2017, all mechanical watering will be banned in those sectors. In order for us to maintain a steady and constant supply of drinking water, it is absolutely essential that all residents cooperate.

Mechanical watering ban for the Aylmer and Hull sectors

Mechanical watering is any form of watering other than manual that involves a hose. In other words, in order to be considered manual watering, the hose must at all times be held by an individual.
Although from May 1 to September 30, mechanical watering is subject to the by-law on watering, this directive takes precedence.
In addition, residents in the affected sectors are asked to reduce their consumption of tap water during peak hours.
- Peak hours for the use of tap water are between 5 and 8 a.m., and between 5 and 8 p.m., Monday to Friday.
- Residents are also asked to run their washing machines and dishwashers at other times of the day or evening.
If everybody makes an effort to cut back on their use of tap water, enough water will remain in the reservoirs while the work is underway.
This fall, inspectors will be patrolling the streets of Aylmer and Hull day and night to ensure compliance with this directive.
- Anyone who fails to comply with this directive is liable to be fined $200, plus administrative fees.
Gatineau is entitled to ban any form of outdoor use of tap water, as required, if use exceeds supply capacity.
Gatineau thanks residents for their understanding and cooperation while this major project is underway.

Modernization of the Hull water treatment plant

The work has been underway since the spring. It is being spread over approximately two and a half years. This project amounts to a $68 M investment.
While the critical components are being changed, the plant must:
- continue to run and produce quality drinking water;
- maintain a minimum supply of water to meet requirements under the fire safety cover plan; and
- maintain sufficient water in the water reservoirs for human consumption.
The purpose of the project is to:
- expand and modernize the Hull water treatment plant;
- ensure the long-term operability of the facility;
- upgrade the filtration, decantation and pumping systems to redundancy standards. The plant's filtration capacity will be increased from 73,000 m3/d to 113,000 m3/d;
- use the latest water treatment technology; and
- add a second disinfection barrier and improve the water quality.
Throughout the work, the water supply and quality in the affected sectors will be closely monitored.

Reminder – By-law on the use of drinking water

Gatineau encourages residents to use their tap water judiciously. Compliance with the by-law on drinking water will ensure a stable and steady supply for the entire population.
Under the by-law on the use of drinking water, at all times throughout the year, it is prohibited to:
- hose down a driveway, sidewalk, public or private road, mound of snow, public or private road or a neighbouring property;
- hose down a car, a recreational vehicle, a building or a structure with a hose that does not have an automatic shut-off system;
- use a hose that does not come from the building for which it is intended;
- use more than one hose at a time, unless to fill a pool; or
- waste water because of a defective tap or valve.

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Mechanical watering ban
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