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Spring flooding: Status report on the recovery plan
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Ce communiqué a été publié le 12 mai 2017. L'information dans ce communiqué pourrait ne plus être à jour et certains liens pourraient ne plus être fonctionnels.

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News release
Spring flooding: Status report on the recovery plan

Gatineau, May 12, 2017. – Gatineau is continuing to focus its operations according to the progress made with the recovery plan and is closely monitoring the situation.

Water levels

As a reminder, the water level is decreasing and Gatineau is now in the recovery phase. This process may span over several weeks, depending on how the situation unfolds and on the weather conditions to come.
It should be noted that the flooding has occurred faster than the water recession in most sectors. Here are some charts showing this trend:
The latest data on water levels is also updated daily in the form of tables, and is available on Gatineau's website at

Refuse containers for household waste

Gatineau is providing flood victims with refuse containers for household waste at the following sites:
o Intersection of rue Saint-Louis and rue Moreau (near 1336 rue Saint-Louis)
o Ruelle du Como (at the entrance of parc de la Baie, via rue Saint-Antoine)
o Intersection of rue de Versailles and rue Watt
o Rue du Quai (near 233 rue du Quai)
o Intersection of rue Carmen and boulevard de La Gappe
Residents are asked to consult the map of affected streets on the municipal website to find out about the various locations.
Since household waste collection in the Aylmer sector has not been affected by the flooding, no container was planned in this sector for the time being.
It is prohibited to place hazardous household waste or sandbags in these containers.
In terms of bulky metal refuse, dry materials and construction materials, residents should place these items at the edge of their properties, since special collections will be organized shortly.
o As an exception, flood victims whose properties are too small to allow such items may place them in the containers put at their disposal (for example, in the rue Moreau and rue Saint-Louis area).
At the curb, it is important to separate sandbags from dry materials and construction debris.
o This type of refuse must be placed on the inside of the property (in the right of way) and not on the street or sidewalk.
o Information concerning special collections will be announced on the municipal website when appropriate.
The regular collection of household waste will resume as usual as soon as conditions allow it on the affected streets.

Status on roads

Even though the water level is coming down, road conditions have yet to be assessed on all affected streets. Residents who choose to venture to these streets will face several risks, including the following:
o Debris scattered on the road, unmovable hindrances, collapsing pavement, fissures, holes and potholes hidden under the water, erosion of banks, etc.
Gatineau wants to restore its roads as soon as possible, but that cannot be done at the expense of the safety of road users.
Gatineau would like to remind the population that it is important to respect the road signage in place and to avoid venturing on streets that are closed to traffic.
Again, residents should consult the map of affected streets on the municipal website to plan their travels.

Assistance program for flood victims

Flood victims wishing to meet with a representative from ministère de la Sécurité publique du Québec can make an appointment with a representative by dialling 1 888 643-2433, which will allow them to file a financial assistance claim during a one-on-one meeting.

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