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Flood update: rising water levels
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Ce communiqué a été publié le 18 avril 2023. L'information dans ce communiqué pourrait ne plus être à jour et certains liens pourraient ne plus être fonctionnels.

Ville de Gatineau
News release
Flood update: rising water levels

Gatineau, April 18, 2023. - Water levels are still rising, but not as fast as expected. Since 5:00 p.m. yesterday, the City has noticed an increase in water levels of 16 cm for the Ottawa River and 6 cm for the Gatineau River. This represents an increase of 1 cm per hour. The peak of the first spring freshet is expected to occur possibly between Wednesday and Friday and levels are expected to remain high for several days. The City estimates that approximately 1,049 properties will be affected by water and 254 buildings are at risk of flooding.

Crews are deployed and are monitoring the situation closely to be ready to respond when necessary. The City is also in daily contact with the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Commission (ORRPB) to be informed of the consequences of the flooding.

The sectors at greatest risk of being affected are:

In the Gatineau sector:
- rue Jacques-Cartier Est;
- the portion between the autoroute and rue Moreau, as well as rue Adélard and rue Jacques-Cartier Ouest;
- the neighbourhood of rue Riviera, rue Glaude, rue Saint-Patrice and rue Saint-Paul; and
- boulevard Hurtubise Est and Ouest, and rue Campeau and rue de Versailles.
In the Masson-Angers sector:
- chemin du Fer-à-Cheval.
- rue du Ruisseau.
A minor flood risk is possible for the Wychwood and Fraser neighborhoods in the Aylmer sector, which corresponds to the water level reached annually. In fact, the forecast is favourable for the moment and the risk of flooding is lower.
Note that water levels have stabilized for the Gatineau River (Cartier Street). However, citizens will have to remain on the lookout.
When the water levels stabilize, the population will have to remain vigilant and leave all their protections in place. Indeed, the situation could evolve quickly depending on the weather conditions.


As of 10 a.m. this morning, the three bagging machines are in operation and can fill up to 15,000 bags per day.
In addition, sandbags will be distributed to the sites below as well as bulk sand and empty bags. Please note that proof of residency is required:
- Louis-Roy Park on Louis-Roy Street
- Intersections of Campeau and Hurtubise streets
- Intersections of de Versailles and Hurtubise streets will move in the next few hours to de Versailles and Watt streets
- The intersections of Saint-Sauveur and Saint-Denis streets
- The municipal parking lot at La Baie Park
- The parking lot of the Saint-Jean-de-Brébeuf community center on Moreau Street
- Chemin du Quai (boat launch)
Gatineau asks residents to cooperate when it comes to the use of sandbags. They should take what they need gradually so their neighbours can also get some. That way, everyone will be able to build their dikes in preparation for the weekend.

Quick facts

The City proceeded today with the riprapping of Hurtubise Street East and West. The riprap will begin tomorrow for Chemin du Fer-à-Cheval.
Please note that buildings will be closed in the areas likely to be affected as the electricity will be cut off as a precautionary measure. The list is available at
The Service de sécurité incendie de Gatineau (SSIG) will be conducting residential visits to properties in potentially affected areas starting tomorrow.
The City is in the process of setting in motion all the necessary preparations in the event of the opening of disaster centers.
Also as a precaution, the City has installed two pumps at the Aylmer drinking water plant to prevent flooding of its parking lot. It also installed a dike at its water treatment plant to prevent flooding. In addition, four pumps have been installed at the treatment plant to prevent water from accumulating inside the dike.
The City will continue to keep the public informed as the situation evolves.

What residents can do

Gatineau would like to remind residents that emergency measures are everyone's business and call for teamwork. Residents also have an important part to play. They are asked to take the necessary steps to keep their properties safe and protect their homes.
Residents are also invited to sign up for text message and email alerts through
Any resident who feels the need can call 811 at any time for psycho-social support. Info-Social 811 is a free and confidential telephone consultation service offered 24/7, 365 days a year.


"As water levels continue to rise, I encourage all residents in potentially affected areas to continue to make preparations for their safety. City crews are mobilized on the ground and continue to monitor the situation closely. Since the situation can change quickly, for Gatineau residents whose properties are likely to be affected, please protect your property by visiting", said Gatineau Mayor France Bélisle.


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