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Preventive boil water advisory for a part of the Limbour sector
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Ce communiqué a été publié le 19 juillet 2018. L'information dans ce communiqué pourrait ne plus être à jour et certains liens pourraient ne plus être fonctionnels.

Ville de Gatineau
News release
Preventive boil water advisory for a part of the Limbour sector

Gatineau, July 19, 2018. – Gatineau is issuing a preventive boil water advisory for a part of the Limbour sector. The notice is in effect for the entire Limbour Escarpment area. This preventive advisory is necessary due to something unexpected on the worksite of the waterworks on Saint-Louis Street.

This work is being carried out as part of the rehabilitation of the Route 307 by the ministère des Transports, de la Mobilité durable et de l'Électrification des transports (MTMDET).

The preventive boil water advisory is contained in the following area:
- East of rue Saint-Louis and rue Saint-Louis/ montée de la Source/ route 307
- South of rue de la Pointe-Pêlée and rue de la Pointe-Pêlée

This advisory is in effect until further notice.

Quick facts

Affected residents and institutions must boil their tap water for at least one minute before consuming it.
They must continue to do so until Gatineau lifts the preventive boil water advisory.
Please note that the preventive boil water advisory only applies to water used for consumption and for brushing teeth.
Once the preventive boil water advisory has been lifted:
- all cold water taps, including water fountains, must be opened and the water left to run for one minute or until it gets cold before it can be consumed; and
- any ice made from tap water run during the boil water advisory must be discarded.
Somes residences located in the affected sector could face a temporary interruption in the supply of tap water.
Many may also notice a decrease in water pressure.
For additional information, please check the Web site or call 311.


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