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Spring flood: significant increase in the number of flood victims registered with Gatineau
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Ville de Gatineau
News release
Spring flood: significant increase in the number of flood victims registered with Gatineau

Gatineau, April 25, 2019. – Over the past 24 hours, more than 100 people have registered as flood victims with municipal officials. To date, 517 people have registered, including 431 adults and 86 children, for a total of 242 households.

As of 6 a.m. on Thursday morning, the distribution of households whose occupants have registered is as follows:
- 8 from the Masson-Angers sector
- 93 from boulevard Hurtubise
- 114 from the Pointe-Gatineau district
- None from the Aylmer sector

The following are asked to register with Gatineau:
- Residents who have evacuated their homes or expect to do so shortly
- Residents whose homes have suffered damage
- Residents living in areas affected by the spring flood

Residents can register:
- by calling 311, option 6; OR
- by going to either of the two victims support centres:
- Centre communautaire Jean-René-Monette (89 rue Jean-René-Monette); OR
- Masson-Angers service centre (57 chemin Montréal Est).

Quick facts

Water levels are still rising. No rainfall is forecast for today.
Crews are out in force, supported by a team of Canadian Armed Forces personnel.
Military personnel are being assigned in accordance with the priorities and needs established by Gatineau.
Traffic has been affected by the presence of water in some areas. Residents can consult the map at for real time updates.
Since the start of the crisis, Service de sécurité incendie de Gatineau (SSIG) firefighters have distributed 205 voluntary evacuation notices. In addition, the SSIG has received 24 requests for help with evacuations.
Gatineau asks residents to remain vigilant, and encourages them to take the necessary measures to ensure their safety and protect their homes.

Sand distribution sites

Sandbags are available for residents to pick up at 12 distribution sites throughout Gatineau.
Two distribution sites were added in the Aylmer sector in anticipation of rising water levels in the city's west end:
- Parc des Cèdres;
- Parc Kenneth-Lloyd.
The sandbag distribution site that used to be at the corner of du Quai and du Fer-à-Cheval has been relocated to 211 chemin du Quai.
To date, more than 605,000 sandbags have been distributed.

Garbage collection

Yesterday's (April 24) garbage collection for homes on the south side of rue Saint-Sauveur had to be cancelled due to water accumulation. The April 23 garbage collection also had to be cancelled on boulevard Hurtubise.
Containers for household garbage and compost bins were provided for those residents. They will be available until 4 p.m. today at the following locations:
- corner of East and Saint-André
- corner of Fernand-Arvisais and Saint-André
- corner of Saint-Denis and Saint-André
- close to 90 rue Glaude
- corner of Notre-Dame and Campeau
- corner of Watt and Versailles.
These are reserved exclusively for the residents on the south side of rue Saint-Sauveur and on boulevard Hurtubise to drop off their household garbage and compost that could not be picked up over the past few days.
It should be noted that the containers are only for household garbage. A special collection will be organized later for flood victims' oversized items.
The other areas affected by water are being assessed. For the time being, the regular collection schedule stands. Residents are asked to leave their bins as close as possible to the street without touching the water.

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