Animal Nation (Sylvie Plante)
Event organized by Ville de Gatineau
Sylvie Plante. Exposition 2013, Animal Nation, paper roll 1 and sculptures. Photo: Guy L'Heureux.

«Viewed from a distance, Sylvie Plante's drawings often constitute a dense, amorphous mass that evokes rocks and fossilization. But as you draw near, a fascinating visual choreography emerges: free-form dynamic lines, expressive textures, and airy openings suggestive of the movement of life. With works that are richly detailed on the three basic levels of the hierarchy of life (mineral, vegetable and animal), the artist appears to zoom in on biology. Viewing her images is like gazing through a laboratory microscope into astonishing, complex worlds.»
– Extract from Stéphanie Chalu's commentary in the booklet Animal Nation, 2014.

Vernissage on august 30 from 7 to 9 p.m. Everyone is invited, admission is free.

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