Out of order (Pascale Archambault)
Event organized by Ville de Gatineau
Pascale Archambault. Petite mère I, observational drawing on tracing paper, 48 x 45 cm, 2017.

This exhibition deals with old age and its physical and social impact. Pascale Archambault treats this sensitive subject head on, revealing the nobility of a direct stare, of a body that has seen everything and has nothing left to prove. Her paintings evoke accumulated moments that overlap and form the life trajectory of each individual.

In these new works, the artist grapples with the subject of aging. What emerges is not the suffering or the illness of this inexorable stage of life but rather its profound beauty.

Vernissage on March 21 from 6 to 8 p.m. Everyone is invited, admission is free.


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