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Entering a plea
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Entering a plea
Entering a plea

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Cour municipale :
- Le stationnement souterrain est réservé à l'usage exclusif du personnel de la Ville.
- Le port du masque est obligatoire dans l'édifice municipal.

Constat d'infraction :
- Le paiement d'un constat d'infraction peut être fait en ligne, en personne dans tous les Centres de services et par téléphone. Les questions peuvent être soumises à ou en composant le 819 595-7272, de 8 h 30 à 16 h 30.
Please note that if your intention is to pay your statement of offence within your 30-day period, you do not need to complete this section. Access the link to make your payment.

Parking tickets

Only the owner of a vehicle can enter a plea for a parking ticket.

Entering a plea for a statement of offence issued by Ville de Gatineau

Use this form to respond to the charge on your statement of offence (ticket).

Entering a guilty plea will result in an additional $7 fee.

Entering a non-guilty plea will result in additional charges to you if you are found guilty of the offence. You will be notified by the clerk of the court of the date and time set for the hearing. There will be additional charges if you change your plea and decide to pay before the hearing.

To enter a plea

Mandatory field.

Ticket or reference number:
You can enter more than one number if required.

First name:

Last name:




Postal code:

Date of birth:

Telephone (home):

Telephone (work):

Telephone (cell):

E-mail address:

E-mail address (confirmation):

I plead:

Not guilty

Tell us your preference:

Day trial
Evening trial

However, it is up to the court to set the trial in the evening or day depending of the case.

For a payment agreement, select this checkbox.


Social Insurance Number:

Family situation

Family situation:
Living alone
Living with co-tenant


Employer's name:

Ministry's name, if you're a government employee:

Employer's address:

Employer's telephone:


Other sources of income

Unemployment Insurance:


Family allowances:

Other source of income (specify):

Economic situation/monthly cost


Telephone/cell phone:


Heating/electricity/natural gas:


Personal debt(s) (student's loan, credit card, bankruptcy, car, furniture):


Monthly suggested amount:
$ starting on

I authorize the collector of fines to consult any personal information agent. A collector of fines will contact you within 48 hours by email to notify you of the acceptance or refusal of your proposal.

About Gatineau

Recognized for its quality of life, Gatineau is a city of 290,000 inhabitants. It is located on the north shore of the Ottawa River, and extends east and west of the Gatineau River.

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