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REMINDER - Preventive boil water advisory in the Hull sector
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REMINDER - Preventive boil water advisory in the Hull sector

Gatineau, October 18, 2018. – Starting at 7 a.m. this Saturday, October 20, a preventive boil water advisory will be in effect for at least five days. This advisory affects the entire Hull sector with the exception of the Plateau district, for a total of 70,000 residents. This advisory is being issued because of essential work to be done in connection with the modernization of the Hull water treatment plant (UPEP).

At a glance

If you are in the area affected by the boil water advisory

Affected residents and institutions will have to boil their water for one minute before consuming it.
They will have to continue to do this until Gatineau lifts the preventive boil water advisory.
Affected residents are asked to use tap water as sparingly as possible while the work is underway.
Affected residents may notice a slight yellowish or brownish discoloration in the water. Residents of Manoir des Trembles may notice a slight decrease in their water pressure.
Once the preventive boil water advisory has been lifted:
- cold water taps should be left running for one minute or until the water gets cold before it is used (the same procedure should be followed with water fountains); and
- any ice made from tap water during the preventive boil water advisory should be discarded.
Resident can sign up for email or text message (SMS) notifications to receive alerts from Gatineau.

Watermain connections

The watermain connection with the Hull UPEP is the basis for the preventive boil water advisory.
Two interventions will be required for the new watermain “Y” connection. The first intervention will take place on October 19, and the second on October 21. The day between the two will be used to fill up the Montagne reservoir.
While the work is underway, drinking water will be supplied through a by-pass line.
During that time, the Plateau district is to be temporarily supplied by the Aylmer plant. Thus, Plateau residents will not be affected by this preventive boil water advisory.
The new watermain will accommodate a new high-pressure pumping well. This will ensure a redundant well for the future.

Plant modernization

Work on the modernization of the Hull UPEP has been underway since the spring of 2017, and should be completed by the summer of 2019.
The work represents a $68 M investment.
This project will have several benefits. In addition to improving the quality of the water, it will:
- expand the plant;
- ensure the sustainability of the facilities;
- upgrade the filtration, decantation and pumping systems to redundancy standards: the plant's daily filtration capacity will increase from 73,000 m3 to 113,000 m3;
- upgrade the building and equipment to current safety standards; and
- apply leading edge technology.
The work does not involve any interruption in the treatment and distribution of drinking water. It does present a tremendous logistical challenge.


Map of the affected area

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