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Multi-unit residential buildings
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Multi-unit residential buildings
Multi-unit residential buildings

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If you own a multi-unit residential building or a condominium, call 311 or write us at A Service de l'environnement representative will visit you to assess your needs (help you choose among the different bin formats), and advise you on the best practices for waste management.

Minimum volume of containers

Owners of residential or multi-unit residential buildings must provide their occupants or tenants with containers that are sufficiently large to store recyclables and compostables between collections.

Minimum volumes for storage of recyclables between collections

Number of units per building Type of authorized container Minimum volume for storage of recyclables between collections (in litres/unit/week)
Bin - up to 360 litres Dumpster
1 or 2 Yes No 180
3 to 8 Yes No 150
9 to 24 Yes Yes 120
25 to 99 No Yes 90
100 or more No Yes 60

Minimum volumes of storage for compostables between collections

Number of units per building Type of authorized container Minimum volume for storage of compostables between collections (in litres/unit/week)
Bin – up to 240 litres Dumpster
1 or 2 Yes No 80
3 to 8 Yes No 15
9 to 24 Yes No 5
25 to 99 Yes No 5
100 or more Yes No 5

Maintenance and storage of bins on wheels

Buildings with container loading areas: Blue and brown bins must be wheeled out into the loading area, next to the household garbage container. None of the containers need to be wheeled out as far as the curb, as their contents will be collected in the loading area.

Property owners are responsible for maintaining the bins. If they wish, they can arrange for commercial cleaning services.

Ordering bins and containers

Bins and containers can be ordered by making a request or calling 311.

Brown bins for composting will be delivered with kitchen mini-bins for each unit in the building. The mini-bins are used to carry compostables from the units to the communal bins on wheels outside the building. The bins come with an instruction kit.

If you wish to purchase different kinds of bins, first contact Gatineau's Service de l'environnement to ensure that they meet municipal standards.

Subsidy for compartmentalized containers

In order to limit space requirements, Gatineau offers owners a subsidy to purchase or rent a compartmentalized container (40% garbage and 60% recycling). The subsidy adds up to a maximum of 60% of the cost of purchase* or rental (minimum five year contract) of a compartmentalized container (taxes included).

If you would like to take advantage of this subsidy, just send your original purchase or rental invoice, along with a copy of proof of residence to the Service de l'environnement. Only one compartmentalized container per building can qualify for the subsidy.

* The maximum subsidy is equivalent to the cost of purchasing a 4.59 metre (6 cubic yard) recycling container under the contract in effect at the time of the application.

Additional household garbage collections from loading areas

As of July 15, 2018, household garbage has been collected every two weeks from multi-unit residential buildings with collection from their loading areas. Additional collections can be arranged on a one-time or regular basis, for a fee. The property owner or building manager will have to make the request and pay the fee as indicated in the municipal by-laws.

An additional one-time collection is intended to accommodate an exceptional, non-recurrent, surplus of household garbage.

Fees for additional collections (subject to change, non-taxable)

Container volume Fee per additional collection (per container)
2 cubic yards $45
4 cubic yards $60
6 cubic yards $75
8 cubic yards $90

* For buildings with collection from a loading area, using bins on wheels, garbage cans or garbage bags should contact the Service de l'environnement to arrange for additional collections.

Request form

Only the owner, a member of the Board of Directors of the condominium syndicate or the building manager may request an additional collection by calling 311 or filling out the form below.

One-time additional collection request form

Once the one-time additional collection request form has been received and confirmed, Gatineau will arrange for the collection as soon as possible, preferably on the date requested by the owner or manager.



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