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Urban planning by-laws
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Urban planning by-laws
Urban planning by-laws

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The documents listed in this section are the result of an administrative compilation and have no legal value. Only duly signed documents available from the clerk's office have legal value.

  • Zoning (zoning by-law number 502-2005)
    • The zoning plan is divided into three parts: (1) Buckingham and Masson-Angers sectors, (2) Gatineau sector, (3) Hull and Aylmer sectors.
    • The zoning grids are divided into 21 parts, which correspond to Gatineau's 21 urban villages. The grids are in PDF format (Acrobat Reader).
    • To view a zoning grid, find the zone in question on the zoning plan and jot down its number (e.g.: P-08-001). Then open (double-click) the PDF file with the grids for the urban village in question. In Adobe Reader, use the “Search” tool under the “Edit” menu, enter the number of the zone you want and click on “Search”. The software program will find the grid with the number you entered.
  • Subdivision (subdivision by-law number 503-2005)
  • Construction (construction by-law number 504-2005)
  • Permits and certificates (administration by-law of the planning by-law number 501-2005)
  • PIIA (by-law number 505-2005 on site planning and architectural integration)
  • Conditional use (by-law number 506-2005 on conditional use)
  • PPC (by-law number 507-2005 on specific construction, alteration or occupancy of a building)
  • Cleanliness and maintenance (by-law number 508-2007 on the cleanliness and maintenance of dwellings and rooms)

Administration by-law of the planning (501-2005)

Zoning by-law (502-2005)

Land use and development plan (2050-2016)

Planning Program (500)

Subdivision by-law (503-2005)

Construction by-law (504-2005)

PIIA (505-2005)

Commercial site planning and architectural integration program (505.1-2011)

Conditional uses (506-2005)

PPC (507-2005)

Cleanliness and maintenance (508-2007)

About Gatineau

Recognized for its quality of life, Gatineau is a city of 285,000 inhabitants. It is located on the north shore of the Ottawa River, and extends east and west of the Gatineau River.

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